Funny Money

Last week we posted some fun Halloween jokes. We’ve decided to make this a weekly column entitled “Funny Money.” Stay tuned for jokes, riddles, and more! Money Riddle Q: Two American coins add up to 30 cents, and one is not a nickel. What are they? (see answer at end of post) Real Life Teacher: […]

Happy Halloween!

Every week Kidbudget will post some funny jokes, humorous items and brain teasers. This will hopefully give you a good laugh, give you something to talk about and laugh about with your children. After all, laughter is the best medicine! Some will be money related – some will not. We’ll just see what tickles our […]

Save Money on Halloween This Year

If you’re interested in saving money here are some suggestions: Make homemade costumes. Many times these are far more clever and fun than the store bought variety. Buy costumes online – many online stores have much better pricing – even with shipping. Find sales and coupons Check local newspapers and mailers. Check each stores online […]

Will you trick or treat this year?

Yep, it’s Halloween time again. Are your kids going guising this year? Halloween has become a holiday where a lot of money gets spent. Halloween seems to sneak up on many people. Interestingly that money may not be budgeted. Just buy stuff and deal with it after the fact. But think about it,  parties, costumes, […]

The cost of Financial Illiteracy

What’s Your Score on the USA Cost of Financial Illiteracy Quiz? I popped over to USA Today’s very interesting article entitled, “Millennials struggle with financial literacy.” They have a shortened financial quiz (which I scored a perfect on…see proof below). The actual test given to high school students is 40 questions long. It would be […]